Education system in the UK

Posted on Nov 27 2017 - 11:17am by Jamie

Education system varies from country to country and it depends on the parents to decide on the type of school they want to enroll their child in. It is a huge decision for the parents to decide on the type of school they consider fit for their child. Every parent should do their homework and research the different schools before they make a decision.

UK education system

The education system in the UK is divided into four stages:

  • Primary,
  • Secondary,
  • Further
  • Higher Education.

Children in the UK have to legally attend primary and secondary education which goes from 5 years of age to 16 years of age.

  • Primary education begins at the age of five and comprises of Stage one and two as per the UK educational system. Parents sometimes enroll their child into nurseries before they enroll them to a primary school.
  • Secondary education is from age 11 to 16 and students enter stage 3 and 4 of the UK education system.
  • Further education is when a student extends his education to A-levels or other qualifications. Those students planning to go to University must complete further education.
  • Higher education is the further education that a student pursues in order to get into a University of their choice.

There are different curriculums followed across different schools in the UK. Further, there is a division based on state schools and private schools. Parents can make their decision based on their knowledge of schools and the financial capability.

When deciding on the school you want to send your child in, you need to consider two main factors:

Environment in the school: When you visit the school on an open day, the environment will be ideal and the teachers will also be cooperative and friendly. Hence, you should contact the parents whose children study at the school and gain information about the type of environment that prevails in the school. A child should find the environment in the school to be friendly and safe at all times. Visit the school personally before you make your decision to enroll your child. Gain all the information about Cumnor House here and ensure that you are well prepared to begin with the education of your child.

Single sex or co-education: This is a decision totally on the parents. The parents need to decide whether they want to educate their child in a single sex school or in a co-education school. Certain parents are of the opinion that single sex schools will benefit the child in the future while many believe that we live in a co-ed society and we need to ensure that the child is comfortable with both the sexes.

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