What to look for in Private schools in London

Posted on Nov 28 2017 - 12:04pm by Jamie

Education in London ranges from nursery to high school. Depending on the type of schooling you wish to give your child, you can choose the school. Many parents also prefer to home school their child, this is legal and totally depends on the choice of the parents. If parents want to home school their child, they begin at an early stage.

Private schools in London

There are various private schools in London which is also a large financial commitment since private schools charge higher fees as compared to public schools. Every parent wants to ensure the best education for their child and if finance is not a constraint, they will choose only the best school in London. There are various private schools located across Central London and it is important for the parents to personally visit the school and learn about the type of education offered to the children. It is not necessary that a higher ranked school will offer excellent education at all times, it is also not necessary that a school which charges the highest fees will be offering the best education. Hence, parents should do their homework and look for schools that meet their requirements.

School Environment

Private school in Central London can be easily shortlisted from the options available to you. Firstly, you should look for schools based on the age of your child. Certain schools admit children at the age of 3 while some do at 4. Depending on the age, you can ascertain whether your child is eligible for a nursery, a preprimary or primary school. Once you have decided that you want to admit your child in a private school in Central London, you need to visit the schools personally and gain insights into the environment as well as the facilities offered to the children. Your child should feel safe and secure in the environment in school. In addition, you should also speak to the parents whose children are studying in this school so that you will learn about how well the child is treated.

The school will be the first place where your child will be away from you; hence you need to ensure that the child feels safe and comfortable with the teachers there. The staff in every school is the backbone and has an influence on the behavior of your child. Consider the staff of the school and see if they are friendly with the children and the parents.

Private schools in Central London offer different curriculum hence study the curriculum offered by the schools shortlisted by you and see if that is what you want your child to learn. Also seek information about the extracurricular activities that your child will be introduced to. No school should be solely concentrating on the grades of the child, rather overall development of the child should be the aim and the schools can achieve it with an open mind and a perspective of creating global citizens. Never rush the decision since it will have a huge impact on the future of your child.

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