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Oh, hello! Jamie here. If you have come this far, then you want to contact me with a question, enquiry or maybe just a conversation. I will answer every email I have from you. I am a busy person because as you know, I am a dad! But I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I always want to hear back from you! What makes me happy is hearing positivity from you all. But sometimes, it may not always be good feedback but it’s better as It can help me improve my skills as a blogger. So if you do have any issues with my site, then do let me know because I can improve whatever is wrong with my site. So, do let me know!

Technology these days is always going wrong. So, you can always tell me if you have ran into a technical issues on my site to whatever extent it goes too.

Guest posting is also a thing! I have the opportunity to let you add on to my site! Whether it is a childhood story to getting your kids ready for school. Anything that is relevant and is more than 500 words, I am interested in seeing! It can’t be inappropriate or anything to do with gambling. So if you have a guest post to submit, let me know! If you’re a brand or company and want to work with us to help promote your products, events, tools, phone apps or whatever else, check out the work with us page first and see how we can work together! if you want to know our guest posting guidelines, then contact me and I will tell you.

Do you just have a question about my site? Maybe you just want advice from me or tips on what I do as a parent.

I do look forward to hearing from you!

Jamie 🙂


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