2 of the Biggest Problems Facing Families Today

Posted on Feb 2 2016 - 7:07pm by Jamie

As time passes, so do the woes and pressures of the world. History repeats itself, and people never change, only technology does. Because of this, the problems might be the same in theory, but due to our ever changing values and technology, they take on a different manifestation.


What was thought acceptable in in the 1900’s is surely different to what is thought acceptable now. To think that people went from wearing layers upon layers of clothing and never showed more skin than the face or the hands is baffling when compared to where the world is today with its nude beaches and movies that give a person an unwelcomed education on the human anatomy.

Some may think it not a problem at all, others find themselves being completely appalled by it. In any case, things that are thought as ‘problems’ are up for debate. Let’s discuss the aspects of life apparent today that everyone can agree is a problem.

Drug Abuse

Though drug abuse isn’t new, it’s definitely a subject that is rapidly growing with the times. The choice of whether or not to do drugs will always be up to the individual, but in today’s world, the drugs are getting more dangerous, less regulated, more addictive, and they’re wreaking as much havoc as they ever have, maybe even more.

Drugs have become more widely available than ever thanks to technology and growing world relations. Many states have legalized marijuana, and although many people feel as though marijuana shouldn’t have been illegal in the first place, the question still remains on how often use is okay, what situations are okay, and what age is okay, among many other things. Some jobs still use drug tests, like the one available from www.health-street.net/location/el-paso-tx-drug-testing/, and can use this to fire employees even if marijuanna use is legalised in that state. This unemployment can lead to serious financial problems and even cost families their homes.

Thankfully in today’s society, technology has made it easier to help people who face these issues.


Each of these subjects could be talked about in length, so it’s challenging to only pair information down and only talk about the essentials. The basic idea is that poverty levels in the United States are rising. The middle class is disappearing, and there is debate on what being a middle class family actually means.

In addition to this, minimum wage is not enough to live on, higher paying jobs are hard to come by, and average families have to make very real decisions on whether to have two working parents, or have one parent stay at home to raise the children. If a family of 4 is living off of 24,000 a year or less, they are living in poverty. That’s $2,000 a month, $500 a week, $12.5 dollars an hour, if working a typical 40 hour work week.

That’s more than a majority of people are earning, and that’s not even enough to live on considering inflation and all of life’s expenses. The issues are troubling and the answers aren’t simple, but the world waits for an answer because they can’t continue working themselves to death to still be under the poverty line.

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