3 Big Ideas For Making Your Home Child-Friendly

Posted on Mar 8 2016 - 3:23am by Jamie

Having a home can be a great opportunity for us dads. It’s our very own little space we can dedicate to our family life. And it’s the place that our kids will grow up, hopefully with happy memories.

I’m interested in what we can do to make our homes more child-friendly. No, I’m not suggesting you get rid of all the dad stuff to make it happen. What I am saying though is that there are things that kids just love. So here’s a rundown.

A Reading Room

Reading rooms have become all the rage recently. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that parents want children to get a headstart in life. They want them to be reading War and Peace by the time they’re four and a half so that they can land that dream job in fifteen years time.

But I think that a reading room can be more than a vehicle for job success. It’s actually a magical space in which the kids can lose themselves in a great book, and get some joy out of reading.

Good reading rooms are light and airy – a backdrop for the imagination. It also looks cool if you can build a shelf or bookcase into the wall and have a large open built-in seating area with a ton of cushions for getting comfy.

The other type of seating you might consider are foam bag chairs or FomBags. And after having read Fombag reviews, I can see why they’re good for kids. Kids can sit at any angle they want and not risk ruining the sofa!

Games Room


Credit: flickr.com

When you think about a games room, you typically think about a room at a pub with a pool table and a dartboard. But this isn’t really what kids want. For one, they haven’t developed the dexterity to play those game.

Instead, I think a good games rooms is yet another place where kids can go to explore their imaginations. I think it should be a type of arts and craft area. A place where they can build things. Yes, you could have a box of lego, but why not also have some more usual options.

Maybe your kids might like calligraphy, or cake decorating. I don’t know. The point is that they have somewhere contained to carry out their artistic activities.

Kid-Friendly Kitchen

One of the most important things you can do for a child get them involved with cooking. These days cooking has become somewhat of a lost skill, and the results are that we’re resorting to processed and ready-made foods. This is, in turn, making us fat and sick.

So getting kids involved in the kitchen from a young age will allow them to develop the skills that will mean they can become healthy adults. Plus, cooking can be a lot of fun.

As adults, if you said you had an 18-year training course at work, people would think you were mad. How could anything take that long to learn? But kids do have 18 years, which is why a little effort whilst they’re young can transform them into grand masters when they’re older.


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