3 Difficult Situations You Can Get Through With the Help of Your Family

Posted on Nov 6 2019 - 1:41pm by Jamie

Everyone’s family goes through trouble at some point. There are big troubles, and there are few troubles. But as long as you have a strong family unit, it makes it much easier to work through the bad parts as you go along. Specifically, there are a few situations that are the most difficult in a general sense, which should, therefore, be given the highest priority over time.

Three situations will bring some of the most emotions to the table. First of all, if a family member is going through addiction, it’s a group effort to help them recover. Second, going through debt or bankruptcy can leave family members cornered emotionally and logistically. And third, when a family member goes through a divorce, it can have tragic consequences throughout an entire family unit.


When a family member has an addiction, and you can recognize it by their behavior, at some point, many people consider if they should stage an intervention. The success of an intervention is dependent on so many different variables that it can be difficult to tell if it is a good idea or not to give a family member specific types of ultimatums. What you see on TV is not reality. 

It can be incredibly difficult to gauge the best way to approach a family member was probably not in their best state of mind regarding the nature of their habits.

Debt and Bankruptcy

Often, depression is associated with debt and bankruptcy. Spending got out of control. Some surprise cost came up, and there’s not enough income to handle the payments. Family members can lose cars, jobs, or houses because of debt and bankruptcy. 

For all of these reasons, families must figure out the most practical way to support other family members without enabling their behaviors. It is a very delicate balance that needs to be approached skillfully and with as much scientific backing to the situation as possible. A way to begin could be to get in touch with skilled bankruptcy attorneys in Harrisburg PA or in your vicinity to assess the financial position and provide their two cents on how to tackle the situation.


If you ask people what the worst time of their life was, anyone who’s ever been through a divorce will often claim that is the event that most hurt them. Divorces are particularly difficult for family members because in-laws are involved. 

Do you support your blood relatives, or do you support the other party if you think they have a better reason for the separation? That is very tough psychological territory, so you must dig deep into your moral compass to figure out where your ethical purposes lie. If everyone involved gets a good divorce lawyer, then that can help create less emotional consequences, especially if children are involved. The legal mediator can prevent emotion from getting too far into the practical aspect of divorce contracts.