3 Ways Soon-To-Be Dads Can Be More Involved In Baby Prep

Posted on Jan 8 2016 - 11:27am by Jamie

We’ve all heard it before: women become moms when they get pregnant and men become fathers when they hold their baby for the first time. With this mentality, it can be hard for soon-to-be fathers to really get into the baby prep spirit in the same way that mothers do.


While the mother of a baby may be fine making all the preparations herself as long as the father is supportive, there are ways that soon-to-be fathers can become more involved in the preparations of a newborn’s arrival without having to feel like they’re losing any of their masculinity or taking over mom’s job. For help doing this, here are three ways soon-to-be dads can be more involved in prepping for a baby.

Take Care of the Hard Baby Proofing

One job that has to be done either before the baby arrives or before he or she becomes too mobile is baby proofing. While a lot of baby proofing simply requires being more conscientious about what you leave around, there are some bigger, harder projects that can fall under the baby proofing umbrella. For a dad, taking on these tasks is perfect.

Some harder baby proofing jobs a dad can work on for his new arrival, according to WhatToExpect.com, are building barriers, installing safety locks on plumbing and cabinetry features, hiding cords and wires, fixing broken or hazardous furniture and more. While mom likely could take care of these projects on her own, having the protector of the family step in and take care of larger baby proofing tasks can be a great way to prepare for your coming baby.

Build Something for the Nursery

If you are planning to have your newborn in a nursery, creating or building something to have or use in this space could be a great way for a dad to be more involved with the future baby. Depending on your interests, you may want to simply put together pre-made furniture or you could come up with something all on your own.

Amanda Kingloff, a contributor to Parent.com, shares that some projects dads can take on in the nursery may include upcycling furniture, building a unique mobile, creating a light fixture, crafting a rocking chair, erecting organization and storage solutions, installing shelves and much more. Any contribution made will help the nursery feel like more of a shared space between mom and dad rather than just mom’s haven with the new baby.

Review Potential Baby Gear Purchases with Mom

It’s no surprise that men and women think about shopping differently. And with all the emotions and hormones that pregnancy brings on, it can be very beneficial for men to assist soon-to-be mothers in picking out items for the new baby, especially purchases like baby gear that will be used by both parents. Because, as Wharton University of Pennsylvania describes it, men shop with a mission while women are more social shoppers, you may just be able to save some money on gear purchases by making the decisions together and appeasing both parties simultaneously.

If the mother of your soon-to-be child would like you to be more involved, or if you yourself would like to contribute more to the preparation of your upcoming arrival, consider using the tips mentioned above to help yourself and your family get ready for your new baby that will be coming soon.

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