3 Ways to Ensure You Have No HVAC Issues During The Winter

Posted on Jan 8 2016 - 11:23am by Jamie

If you live in an area that has long, cold, hard winter weather, you’ve likely seen what a bad winter can do to your way of life. From freezing, icy roads to power outages and more, snow and ice can cause a major amount of damage to your property as well as your safety. And in situations like this, having a warm house to come home to can make all that driving snow and bitter temperatures feel bearable.


But when your HVAC system falls victim to winter weather, you may find yourself looking for home listing closer to the equator. There are lots of companies you can call to have the system repaired (click here if you are looking for good HVAC Repair near North Charleston, SC, for instance) but you can guarantee that they will be very busy at this time of year as everyone will be having the same problem. So to make sure that you have no issues with your HVAC system during the winter months and that it doesn’t need some attention from technicians from companies like controltechsnw.com/service-areas/beavercreek/, here are three ways to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

Perform Proper Initial Maintenance

When preparing your HVAC system for winter weather, Kristine Tucker, a contributor to SFGate.com, shares that the first thing you’ll want to do is perform proper initial maintenance in preparation for the upcoming weather. This includes turning off your unit from the outside and cleaning it thoroughly. By turning the unit off, you will ensure that no cold air gets pushed into your home if your winter is unseasonably warm, and by cleaning the unit with your hose, everything will be ready to get switched back on when the months start to heat up again.

Check the Components for Issues

To make sure your electricity bills don’t get out of hand during the cold winter months, one precaution you can take is to check all the common components for issues. Tess Young, a contributor to AmericanPreppersNetwork.com, states that the areas you’ll want to focus on include the thermostat, ductwork and the air filters. If, upon your own inspection, you discover that something doesn’t look right or isn’t working properly, consider bringing in a professional to help you make sure all components are in good working order before you finish with your winter maintenance.

Make Sure It’s Ready for Long, Hard Winter Weather

Depending on the type of winter weather you’re expecting, the measures you take to prepare your HVAC system may vary (for example, you may wish to use Global Cooling to improve your Indoor Air Quality Services by having them, or a company more local to you, come out and do something like a furnace tune-up). However, it’s always a good idea to be over-prepared on the off chance that something unexpected does come along that could wreak havoc with your heating and cooling system.

For many homeowners, Tucker suggests taking measures like fitting foam over the pipes for extra insulation, covering the unit in plastic or vinyl for added protection from the elements, and securing the unit to the ground with bungee cords to ensure high winds don’t cause any damage. These precautions will all help you feel more prepared for anything the winter weather could throw at you.

By preparing your HVAC system prior to any winter weather, and getting someone like Valley Service in to do any maintenance work or repairs before it gets colder, you can feel more confident in your home’s ability to control its temperature as well as avoid any unnecessary issues that may arise from having an unsafe or damaged HVAC system. Use the tips mentioned above to help your home and family be better prepared as winter continues to progress.

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