5 Easy Tactics To Update Outdoor Living Space

Posted on Apr 18 2019 - 3:01pm by Jamie

Outdoor living space is the most important part of your home as it is the place where you can relax, be carefree and spend some really quality time with your friends and family. So it is a good idea to do a little décor of your living space which can make your free time more relaxing and beautiful. You can either design it with the same décor thematic as you have inside your home or you can use totally different thematic to give it a feel of different part of your home.

So, let’s discuss some easy tactics to update your outdoor living space,

  1. Give It a Natural Look

You can use artificial grass on the floor with some round and smooth surfaced stones around the boundary to give it a completely natural yet beautiful look. Since artificial grass does not require much maintenance and care while there will be no mess of water and pesticides as well so you can enjoy easily without worrying for anything. However if you prefer natural grass instead of having an artificial lawn, but you’re wanting to avoid the maintenance of having a natural lawn, you could instead look into the likes of this Trugreen Arkansas company to keep your grass and garden healthy and looking in the best possible condition all year-round. Also, it is very soft same as the natural grass so gives a soothing effect under your feet while creating a relaxing and very close to nature ambiance to enjoy a quality peaceful time.

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  1. Use Comfortable Seating Arrangements

Since this place is used to relax and enjoy so make sure you use comfortable furniture for seating arrangements. For instance, you can use soft cushioned sofas and chairs or put some soft cushioned pads on the stools. Don’t forget to add some bright colored table covers on the table matching with cushion colors to give a beautiful overall look. You can also add a large swing in one corner which will go great with all this décor.
If you are planning to entertain some long-term guests, then you can even think about adding something like a backyard guest house (head on over to https://www.uniteddwelling.com/backyard-homes and learn more about it) that can not only improve the overall look but also give your guests (or even yourself sometimes) some space to relax and unwind.

Source: https://www.grass-direct.co.uk/kalahari-artificial-grass.html

  1. Hang Some Pots of Plants

You can put plants on the corners or boundary of your outdoor space which can add a significant amount of beauty along with an artificial grass. Or you can also hang some pots of plants beside your seating arrangements either on walls or on some hangers hooked with walls which will also look very beautiful. Make sure to use the same or similar color them of pots as of the furniture you have put in your outdoor space.

  1. Use Scented Candles and Beautiful Candle Holders

It is also a good idea as scented candles make the overall look and environment beautiful with a warm odor in air. You can use some beautiful candle holders for this to put beside your sofas and chairs on the small corner table or you can also use hanging candle holders to hang them along with pots of plants. Both will look really stylish and go great with such setup of décor.

Source: https://ddcfq0gxiontw.cloudfront.net/Review/60051602/41579052/original.jpg?1536087954

  1. Make a Small Bar Counter

You can also make a small and stylish bar counter at one side with some long heighted stools which can be used for putting eating and drinking stuff. You can make small cabinets behind or under the bar to temporarily stock wines and other things which can be easy to take out and use whenever needed. Consider adding some fun designs for the counter, such as a neon sign that says “Liquor” or “Bar” or anything you like, really. You’ve got the option to customize your own signs on websites like Neon Filter (www.neonfilter.com), so use your creativity and design your own piece.

Try these ideas to make your outdoor living space a comfortable place for everyone to sit and have a good time together. DIY can be your go-to when you’re designing the space, but don’t hesitate to hire professionals for any work if necessary. Whether it’s for a birthday party, a family dinner, or just a friendly get-together, it can all come alive in this space with a little effort on your part.