5 Fashion Wrist Accessories for Dads

Posted on Jan 11 2016 - 7:44pm by Jamie

Most people, when they think about the idea of fashion accessories, immediately think of women. This is probably more because of advertising trends than actual physical reality though, and men wear just as many types of things on their wrists as women do, and the cultural symbology is just as important.


Consider that for dads, luxury watches, men’s bracelets, fitness trackers, Apple Watches, and trinkets from kids tell just as much about their personality and habits as any other part of their dress code. And as a matter of fact, you can consider these things both in terms of analysis and also if you’re looking for gifts for dads for upcoming holidays. It might also be worthwhile researching various technology websites like Mobile Mob or others to see what tech and extras you might want to purchase for your father.

Luxury Watches

Especially after a certain period in a man’s life, having a nice watch is more than a status symbol, it’s a symbol of progress after the challenges of early life. Unless you’re born into money, it would be hard to buy a luxury watch until after you have plenty of extra spending money based on how hard you’ve worked at your career opportunities. So though it may not be the most practical purchase, it’s certainly one that has emotional value.

Men’s Bracelets

As far as men’s bracelets go, there are a lot of options to go with the basic appearance and personality of a person. There are business bracelets, casual bracelets, bracelets made out of metal, or stones, or leather, all of which mean different things and complement different types of ideas about life. Because it’s a choice to put on a bracelet, that choice obviously means something. Look up recent popular trends to see what kind a particular kind of dad might be interested in.

Fitness Trackers

And fitness trackers worn around the wrist are both symbolic and practical. A dad who has one on is indicating that he’s trying to make himself better, and is using technology to help him accomplish this. Many of the designs are very subtle so as not to cry for attention, but if  you notice a man wearing a fitness tracker, that will tell you quite a bit about him.

The Apple Watch

Apple Watches are sort of in a category of their own. They’re going to be halfway between a luxury watch, a sports watch, a fitness watch, a bracelet, and a status symbol. To a degree, smart watches in general haven’t caught on fully, but they will before too long.

Trinkets From the Kids

And finally, many dads wear trinkets their kids have made for them. These could be friendship bracelets made by younger kids, or more complicated jewelry created by older children, but the fact that it’s customized and family oriented makes a big impact when considering the personality of the dad wearing it.

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