5 Smart Car Checks To Keep Your Family Vehicle Safe

Posted on Feb 6 2016 - 1:24pm by Jamie

Safety isn’t something that happens on its own. You have to push it into the right place in your life, and in your family’s lives. And in particular, you have to make sure that you take special care of your vehicles when it comes to ensuring that safety checks are done regularly.


When you’re younger and single, you might not pay as much attention to certain car safety details, but most certainly as an adult, and as a parent, those become priorities. So, five smart car safety checks to keep your family vehicle safe include regularly checking the brakes, checking for recall notices, checking the oil, checking the condition of the spare tire, and checking to makes sure you have a car safety kit.

Check the Brakes

You and your family are not in a safe vehicle if the brakes aren’t working properly! Over time, brake pads and other mechanical parts of the process get worn down, which mean you need to get your brakes inspected either at regular intervals, or when you feel like the parts aren’t matched up correctly, if they squeak too much, for instance.

Check for Recall Notices

If your car is properly registered, you should get all safety recall notices, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look them up every once in awhile just in case. Particularly important are recalls involving door locks, engine issues, or airbag trouble. It’s a free fix as well, so just make sure to take the time to do it as soon as any issues have become known to you. Additionally, always keep an eye on the dashboard to see if any lights come on unexpectedly. If the airbag light comes on, for example, it’s important to consider the cause of it. Perhaps reading the information on Safety Restore could be beneficial to understand what the cause is.

Check the Oil

If you have any problem with you engine oil, whether it’s dirty, or leaking, or burning, or anything other than just being oil, you need to fix that immediately. If your engine blows up or stops running while you’re in traffic, that’s the case for a serious accident, and if it could have been prevented simply by you checking your oil level more frequently, that means that you have to take responsibility.

Check the Spare Tire

A spare tire is only good for you as a safety measure if it actually works! How many people do you think have gotten flat tires only to find out that there’s something non-functional with their doughnut? That just leads to more trouble than it’s worth!

Check the Car Safety Kit

And finally, always keep a car safety kit in your family vehicle. These kits will generally have first aid and roadside emergency items in them, and can be one of the best investments you can make in your car safety. They aren’t expensive, and will give you peace of mind and have constant practical value.

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