Benefits of Going Green with Your Startup

Posted on Jul 15 2017 - 7:30pm by Jamie

While it is the responsibility of every single individual and organization out there to care about the environment, going green with your business isn’t necessarily an altruistic act. It isn’t merely something one does to easing up your conscience either. You see, going green has a potential of bringing numerous benefits to a startup or SMB, some of which are financial while others are image-related. With this in mind, here are several benefits of going full green with your company.

1.      Reducing the cost of office supplies

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that an average office worker prints about 10,000 pages of paper each year. You see, the pollution that such a waste of office material makes is not the only difficulty here, but also a fact that you will probably be forced to purchase 10,000 pages of paper per each member of your team. This alone is a considerable expense, not to mention the price of printer ink, paper clippers and other related supplies. Instead, you can make a company policy by which you would keep all vital documents in digital format. In order to keep things safe, you would have to back up your data on a regular basis, but this is a small price to pay in comparison.

2.      Saving on the utility bill

Another thing to keep in mind is a fact that running a business has some fixed expenses that you will have a hard time influencing. In order to cut the operational costs, it is much easier for you to try and save the money on the utility bill than to get a new supplier. For instance, installing low-flow fixtures in your office bathroom can significantly cut your water bill each month. Over the course of the year, this can amount to a serious figure.

Same thing goes with trying to green up your power bill. Most companies start with replacing their incandescent light fixtures with LED ones (which have a much better Watt-to-lumen ratio), but why stop there. Those who are willing to dedicate a bit more of their budget towards making their office self-sustainable are welcome to install solar panels on the roof and start creating their own energy. This can be made even more efficient by purchasing a Tesla Powerwall battery from an online retailer such as Natural Solar company.

3.      Going green is great for your brand

Finally, the price of your products/services is not the only thing that makes people do business with you. When it comes to B2B outreach, most of your potential partners will pay attention to your company culture. You see, green businesses tend to be more open towards working with other green businesses, which is only natural.

Furthermore, by labeling your business green, you get to include this aspect in your next marketing campaign, which is definitely something that can score you some extra points with your customers. Sure, some would say that going green for your corporate marketing is unethical, but those who are willing to go above and beyond to protect the planet (for whatever reason) have more than earned this privilege.


The best thing about going green with your business is the fact that above three are merely a tip of the iceberg. Some honorable mentions are the awards and government subsidies you can receive this way, finding a better way to handle the waste around your office, as well as setting much higher standards for your competitors to follow. On their own, each of these would be a reason enough for you to go green, but when combined, they make eco-friendliness in your business planning the only choice that makes any sense. Of course, it goes without saying that enforcing all of the above-listed policies takes up a lot of energy, but running a successful business was never supposed to be easy in the first place.

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