The Best Colors for Interiors

Posted on Feb 23 2017 - 8:24pm by Jamie

Choosing colors for your interiors can be quite a frustrating thing to do, especially since there is such an overwhelming number of options for you to pick. Instead of the frustration you feel, we’re here to help you have fun, because this year is all about colors and experimenting. Get your painting tools ready and let’s get started!

Plan according to furniture

One of the easiest things to change is the color of painted walls. Painting a room really isn’t all that complicated and if you are unsatisfied with the appearance, it’s not a difficult thing to deal with. Furniture, however, isn’t something that you will buy often. The color scheme you pick for the room should, therefore, compliment the furniture. If you are planning to buy something new, then do so before picking the paint colors. Decide if you want something sleek and modern, or something more retro, whether you prefer dark or light wood. Another good idea is changing the upholstery of your old furniture to give it a completely fresh look.

Pay attention to color psychology

This is especially relevant in the bedroom. The place where we sleep should feel soothing, so it’s not the best idea to pick screaming colors that will have a tendency to keep us up at night. For the bedroom, cool tones and neutral colors are the best choice because they will have a calming effect. Think soft blues, or something earthy or cream-colored. Warmer and brighter colors might be suitable for your living room, as they create a more sociable atmosphere. If you want energy and creativity, then use two colors and make a contrast that will create a visually interesting experience. Pay attention to lighting of the room as well. Is it a room that receives a lot of natural light, and what kind of artificial light do you use when it goes dark? The colors will look differently depending on the time of the day, so make sure you like all the tones. In the living room, you may like to have an accent wall, which can be darker and then have the rest of the room painted in more soothing colors.

Use accent colors

These are colors that are used for emphasis. While your wall paint should be softer and more soothing, your accent color can bring life and vividness and should be used only in smaller measures. Accent colors can be complementary, so for example, if your walls are blue, you could bring depth to them with yellow or orange details. These colors can come from painting smaller details, or from the objects you place in the room, like flower arrangements and other decorations.

Play around with details

Bringing in a new rug or a few cushions with bright patterns can completely change the appearance of the room. Make your home pleasant by adding lively details to it. Potted plants, curtains, paintings can all transform the room and make it look more comfortable, or more sophisticated, depending on your intentions. These details can be changed around whenever you see fit, but try not to overdo it and place too many things in a room because it will make it look smaller and more cramped.

In the end, use your own sense to decide on how to paint and decorate your house. Moods are subjective and maybe you will want to bring drama to your house instead of peace. That is all up to you. Change around the details until you find what fits you just right. Most importantly, simply have fun experimenting.

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