Choosing the Right Plants to Put in Your Bathroom

Posted on Aug 20 2015 - 12:45pm by Jamie

Placing plants in your bathroom is an excellent way of breathing life into the space – as long as you find the right ones. It might seem like plants wouldn’t thrive in a bathroom, but some varieties would like nothing better than to find themselves there. Here’s what you should be thinking about when you want plants in the bathroom.


  • Light: Bathrooms do not typically enjoy very high levels of light since they usually have small windows – or none at all. This is clearly something which you need to consider, so try to find plants which possess very low light requirements. Of course, there’s no plant in the world which thrives when there’s no light at all. Make sure that all of your bathroom fixtures use fluorescent light bulbs in order to counteract this problem; these produce the wavelengths of light which plants require from the sun.
  • Water: As you’re probably aware, bathrooms see their fair share of moisture. This means that you’ll need plants which can thrive in moist, humid environments. Tropical ones are best. Just beware of using succulents – they might be okay with the relative scarcity of light, but the raised humidity will quickly kill them.
  • Location: Bathrooms are often among the smallest rooms in a house, so placing plants directly on the floor is not usually an option – you’ll just keep knocking them down. The best solution – unless your bathroom is generously sized – is to place plants on a shelf or windowsill, or hang them from the ceiling. Find plants well suited to such placement, such as those which don’t grow very tall!

These points should help you find the right plants for your bathroom, but here are a couple of examples to get you going.

Philodendrons are popular due to their ability to quickly adapt to various conditions. Leafy, dense, and flowing, they make an ideal choice. Alternatively, you could use a spider plant; they’re also highly adaptable, and the narrow dangling leaves are attractive in smaller spaces. Finally, for a splash of colour, you couldn’t go far wrong with an orchid. They’re available in a range of colours and sizes, so finding one to fit with your style should be easy (feel free to browse here and see what’s available online).


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