Most Common Family Home Renovations in 2017

Posted on Sep 26 2017 - 10:48am by Jamie

Feeling tired of the shabby and outdated colours and patterns in your home? Can’t stand the stains and your kids’ “artwork “on the living room walls? Or you’re looking to increase the resale value of your current home? No worries – take a look at the most common family home renovations of 2017, and there will be something for everyone to get inspired and get a move on your own renovation project.

As in every endeavour, a smart first move would be good planning and preparation. Renovations can be costly and there can always be some unexpected costs. Also, very few of those projects give you a return on your investment – only 65% at sales time. Therefore, pick wisely projects that are worthwhile, especially if you’re planning to stay put for a couple of more years, such as finishing the basement and making it into a rec-room or kids’ play area, adding a two-piece bathroom on the first floor or upgrading your master bath, or maybe using a 3d shed builder to plan you a brand new garden shed. It all needs to be planned out properly!

Curb appeal projects

In case you’re rushing to sell, curb appeal is something that will catch the eye of the beholder and help make the best first impression. Let’s start with the front door – the primary entrance point to the house. A great winning feature on your house is a front entrance that looks inviting and welcoming. Popular styles this year were stone veneer models and steel doors that add elegance and a sleek look.

Another door that can be upgraded is the garage door. It occupies a lot of space at the front of your house so you can use it add a certain flare to the whole look, especially if you can’t afford other major work on the façade. So you might opt for classic but attractive wood design with different finishes, stained or painted, or for a carriage-style door that you can customize with lots of windows. This investment will give you an 80% return on your investment when you sell the house.

Additional improvements for a better sale

One of the first things prospective buyers see when they step inside the house is the floors so you might consider replacing them. Whether you have a carpet or laminate flooring, upgrading it is an investment that gives huge 78% to 91% return on investment. It’s a worthwhile project so don’t use cheap, engineered wood but pick the real deal and choose universal colours and finishes.

Another thing that buyers always look for is a serviced and efficient HVAC system. Knowing that they can move into the house without having to replace the existing system can be a huge weight off their shoulders. Sites like have brilliant and reliable services for anyone looking to do this. This can benefit you while you’re living there but also any prospective buyers in the future.

Alternatively, if you’re wanting to be a little greener then an enormous plus, both for the resale of your house and for your current utility bill is solar panel installation. For example, a 5kw solar system produces around 20kw per hour on a daily basis which equals to about $1800 worth of electrical power savings annually. It might be costly to begin with, but in the long run, it will pay itself off. Why pay big amounts of money to the electrical company when you can use it and take your family on a well-deserved holiday or maybe make another home renovation project?

Inside renovation trends

2017 was all about cheerful and bright, eye-pleasing colours, mixed patterns and rich textures. Greenery was the colour of the year for those looking to introduce a fresh and vibrant look and whites combined with off-whites creamy details for those wanting to keep it calming and relaxing.

For a busier look that really blends in well with other colours and pieces in your home, the butterfly pattern is an instant hit and it’s not only intended for kids’ rooms anymore but in hallways as well and on feature walls in living room areas.

As for textures, there is a lot of material manipulation such as folding and pleating, and using thick and rich materials such as velvet and cotton with large stitching. It gives a sense of comfort, softness, and warmth and offers an inviting place to rest in the hectic everyday life.

Practical & family-friendly home redesigns

A perpetual issue in all families, especially large ones, is storage and extra room as well as the laundry area. Tucked away appliances, pull-out storage walls in kitchens, retractable hoods, multi-purpose coffee tables and work desks – these are all great practical ideas to save room and give more space. Other redesigns include the way that lighting is used in the house including these window treatments latham new york located or other similar services. The right window coverings can help to create a homely environment through the use of light.

Besides kitchens and bathrooms as most frequently renovated areas, laundry rooms have been getting a lot of attention this year – homeowners have realised that a lot of time is spent there every day so why not spruce it up a bit? It’s a practical space that can look great with some additional lighting, more clever storage, and better functionality. Lighting can really change the atmosphere of a room so it’s always a good place to start if you’re looking to do something high impact with little effort, and it also offers practical benefits too like better visibility. However, you must always get a professional to carry out any electrical work in your home. Somewhere like, with over 25 years experience, would be the perfect place to go to when looking for someone you can trust. A reliable service is essential when it comes to electrical work, and it’s always a plus when the end result looks beautiful too!

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