How to Create a Minimalist Bathroom

Posted on Sep 14 2017 - 8:08pm by Jamie

In modern society, people are too focused on buying a lot of materialistic things. It is all over media and around us every day. Buy this piece of furniture, ornaments and gadgets, buy anything you can. In this highly consumerist society, we tend to exaggerate in these endeavors and end up suffocating ourselves with a bunch of things we don’t really need. Studies have shown that cluttering our homes increases our level of stress and that by buying more things in order to try and relieve the stress, we simply add it up without realizing the actual cause of our unhappiness. This is particularly important in certain rooms of the house, such as our bedroom and our bathroom. So, perhaps it’s time to redecorate your bathroom in order to feel more relaxed.


Before you start redecorating, make sure you get rid of all unnecessary things in the bathroom. You don’t need figurines, old boxes, cosmetics you no longer use or some left over items nobody needs or wants in the bathroom. As soon as you throw it all out, and not place it in another room, you’ll instantly feel better and a bit more relaxed when you enter this room.

Less is more

This is the whole concept of minimalism, take a look at the space in your bathroom and the furniture. Analyze it and decide whether you need all that furniture or not. Even when you select furniture, make sure it has a simple and elegant design. Basically, what bathrooms need are toilets, sinks and great baths. In addition, there could be a shelf for cosmetics and towels. Anything else is completely redundant in 90% of cases.


Minimalism is very much about appearance. It’s not just about how much stuff you have, but also how you store it. For instance, you may have a lot of cosmetics in your bathroom, but if it’s all nicely stored in your cupboard, it won’t disrupt the soothing appearance of your bathroom. There is something extremely satisfying in seeing your furniture clean and flat without anything covering it. This is why we feel relief every time we clean and arrange our things and our house.

Make it white

What really fulfills the minimalistic look is coloring everything white or light beige. Pale pastels can really contribute to the whole minimalistic idea. So, choose the color you find most soothing and attractive and paint your whole bathroom, with matching furniture, of course. Don’t mix colors, go with one or two of very similar shade. It will be more effective.

Keep it clean

Once you decorate our minimalistic bathroom, make sure to maintain the order you initially established. That means you should put away towels and cosmetics into their place after each use. If you go back to your old messy ways after redecorating, there won’t be any positive effect as this is not an environment where effects of minimalism can be shown. Order and minimalism are tightly bound, you cannot have one without the other.

There is a certain appeal to sterile rooms, especially if the room in question is a bathroom. It is a very unique situation, as a bathroom is a place that should be clean and clear of clutter. We care about room hygiene in bathrooms and kitchens, above all other rooms. We clean, relax and beautify ourselves in this room and that is why a minimalistic approach is most suitable particularly in a bathroom. If you are skeptical about the subject, just try it and soon you’ll see how much of a difference it actually makes.


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