Finding More Space When You House Is Full

Posted on Jan 29 2016 - 8:43pm by Jamie

You first got married and you bought a house. Soon after that the kids came along. Now you’re feeling like there is just not enough room for everyone anymore. But what can you do?


There are actually a few options for getting some more space for all of the people that are living under your roof. You don’t always have to feel crammed together. There are some great things you can try in order to make your home bigger and more spacious.

Get More Organized

Start out by organizing your home better. Consider moving furniture around, or even getting rid of furniture that isn’t getting used enough to really be needed in your home. There is always a more spacious way to organize a room.

You may want to have your kids go through their stuff and pick some things to donate that they no longer use, and you may want to do that as well. Consider packing up some things that you don’t use, but may need again in the future, into storage boxes.

Consider A Remodel

If simply going through your stuff and moving it around isn’t enough, you may consider getting a remodel done on your home. If you have the space you may be able to expand a bedroom, making more room for a couple children of the same sex. Or, maybe you can convert a larger closet into a nursery for a new baby on the way.

Remodeling can be a fun adventure, and a great way to make extra space for your little ones. You can remodel any part of your home that needs it, from a larger bathroom to a larger kitchen that you can learn more about here. You can even have a spare closet turned into an extra half bathroom, if needed!

Think About Buying A New Home

If your home is simply too small for everyone and you can’t remodel it to make the room that you need, you could consider purchasing a new home with more room. Sometimes your first home just gets grown out of, and you need to move on to something that is bigger.

Look into homes with the amount of rooms that you need, from bathrooms to bedrooms. Take tours and find the places that have big enough kitchens and a room that can be a playroom all on its own. Maybe you even want a home with enough room for a craft room and a man cave.

Whichever option you choose, don’t rush it. Taking your time to plan out the perfect home remodel or to pick the right place for your family will help ensure you get a place you will be able to stay in for years to come, and maybe you won’t outgrow this one!

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