Five Things You Need For Moving Your Belongings

Posted on Feb 13 2016 - 10:08am by Jamie

Moving takes some preparation. It’s about more than just throwing the things you own into a box, although there are plenty of people that do just that. If you want to make sure that the stuff you own makes it safely to your new home, here are some things you may want to consider having on hand before you start your moving adventure.


Lots Of Boxes

Boxes are the number one thing you need on hand before you can even start packing stuff up to move. You may want to have some in various sizes, and you’ll probably need more of them than you think you do. plus, you need have have plenty of tape on hand for closing and securing them.

When it comes to moving boxes, you can get them, for a price, from moving stores, or you can visit your local grocery store weekly and start collecting them. You can also ask friends to hold onto boxes they might get their hands on.


Whether you like bubble wrap or packing peanuts, you’ll need them if you want to protect any breakables you own that are making the move with you. Unless you want a bunch of broken dishes and ruined nick knacks, make sure that you wrap them up good and don’t leave space for them to get jarred around.

Plenty Of Blankets

Odd sized items can be more difficult to move, like big screen TVs. Not only do you want to know how to properly move them, you also want to make sure that you have protection for them when you get them packed up in the moving truck. Make sure these types of items are packed so they are less likely to get broken, like having the screen of a TV face a side wall in the truck.

Some Strong Arms

The heavier the items you own, the more help you are going to need moving them. Ask some friends to come help out, and if you don’t have any available you should consider hiring some movers. Don’t carry things that are too heavy or you could hurt yourself or break the item.

The Proper Moving Vehicle

Last, but not least, you need to make sure that you have a moving van or truck that is the right size for all of the things you need to move. A ten foot truck isn’t going to be enough for a three bedroom house. You also don’t want one too big for what you have, or you may end up with broken items from shifting. Talk with your mover prior and let them know an estimate of your belongings. They will arrange the vehicle accordingly. If you do plan to move in your own truck, you might want to invest in truck bed covers like the ones you can find at this site That can protect your cargo without ruining the interiors of your truck.

Don’t get caught not having what you need when it comes to moving. Make a plan and make a checklist and you will have everything moved in the easiest manner possible, with less stress.

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