Hey I’m Brad Pitt

Posted on Jun 10 2016 - 8:47am by Jamie

Okay so no I’m not, but according to a fun quiz I took, I’m most like Brad Pitt which actually makes me feel really good about myself! Sometimes been a parent can be tiring, but there are many rewards, and just in case you don’t feel like being a father is rewarding enough, we also have a day celebrating it!

With Father’s Day coming up and being asked what I want I took the quiz to find out what ideal gift I should get. According to the results I have a lot of responsibilities both at home and at work (yes), but that doesn’t stop me always looking to help other (true). My strong family bond means everything to me and I’m happiest when my kids are happy and encourage them to express themselves.

The quiz was produced by My Voucher Codes, their suggestion for my ideal gift is: Three Course Dining Experience and Cocktail for Two. Well although it’s probably not something I would think to choose myself it does sound enticing. It would be wonderful to get away for a night with my partner and have a break from the kids where we can get waited on by others.

Normally Father’s Day gifts consist of something the kids have made under the supervision of my partner, who then normally buys me something nice. I don’t think I will get a slap up meal this year, not from the kids or the partner, but I can suggest it!

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