How To Decorate The Nursery On A Budget

Posted on Nov 14 2014 - 3:01pm by Jamie

Cheap-Baby-Nursery-Decoration[1]It takes time, effort and money to decorate the nursery. There are a number of options starting from floor covering to wallpaper and several things in between. Many people cannot afford to spend a great deal of money on decorating the nursery. If you belong to this category, there is no need to lose hope. Here are some suggestions to do it yourself.

Decide your budget

Prepare a budget prior to deciding the ways in which you want to decorate the nursery. The next step is listing down ideas and the expenses involved for each of them. Prepare the final list and organize it into those that you must have and those that you would like to have. Try to complete the nursery decoration project within the budget you have decided choosing ideas from the must-have list.

Use Stencils

Wallpapers are an expensive proposition and a great deal of effort is required in fixing them. Instead, you can consider decorating the nursery using paint. You need not be an artist. You can use stencils to paint designs on walls. Stencils are affordable and easy to use. You just have to choose stencils that go well with the theme of the nursery.

Use the Right Colors

It is a good idea to use pastel blue, yellow, pink and green to paint the nursery. These colors are a better option if you are not confident of using bright and bold colors in a creative combination. You can take a courageous step forward and use bold colors as babies love gazing at colors. You don’t have to use pink or purple paint in a baby girl’s nursery and blue paint in a baby boy’s nursery. You can paint the nursery with orange, brown, gray and green. You can also paint opposite walls using contrasting colors.

Use Wall Decals

You may be on a budget, but may want to add graphics that are created by professionals. Wall decals are a good option. You just have to peel and stick them on to the walls. Wall decals come in all sizes and on varied subjects. They do not damage the wallpaper or paint. They can be removed easily.

Install Shelves

If there is a lack of closet in your baby’s nursery, consider installing shelves in a creative manner. They enhance storage space and help in decorating the nursery. The shelves could be of adjustable type so that you are in a position to utilize the nursery space efficiently, especially when there is a constraint.

Use Some Throw Rugs

If you are on the lookout for decorating ideas, then throw rugs similar to a silk or cow hide rug can be a feasible option that you can consider. Throw rugs are not only functional but are also helpful in decorating the nursery. As they are not very expensive, you don’t have to worry about overrunning your budget. By rearranging the throw rugs you can also change the look of your baby’s nursery.

Use Curtain Panel Embellishments

Decorating a baby’s nursery often requires the purchase of window treatments. Window Treatments can not only reduce UV rays and sunlight that enter your home but can also help preserve flooring, walls, and furniture. Additionally, window treatments can allow you to manage the amount of light entering your home.

However, if you do not want to purchase brand new window treatments, you can take the DIY route. You can easily transform ordinary-looking curtain panels into tieback curtain panels that give an elegant appearance. All you need to do is buy curtain panels, colored ribbon/lace and a couple of small cup hooks for each of the windows. You could also find voile curtains in a style to suit you and your curtain decor dreams.

Hang the panels and cut the ribbon/lace to the required lengths. At either end of each section, tie a small loop. Then wrap the ribbon/lace around the panels and attach the cup hooks. Now, fix the cup hooks near to the frame of the window frame. Wrap the tiebacks around the closed panels. Attach the loops and the hooks. Your beautiful tieback panels are ready!

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