How To Keep Your Family Happy During A Day Trip Out

Posted on Feb 11 2016 - 2:41am by Jamie


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Whether it’s been planned for months or a spur of the moment trip, family days out are the best. These are the days when you and your kids can create memories you can all cherish forever. But a lack of planning, bad weather and poor organisation can make these days out a total nightmare. As well as upsetting and disappointing your family.  So if you’re considering going on a weekend or half term day out sometime soon, use this guide to make it a complete success and keep everyone happy.

Prepare for any eventuality

No matter how long you plan a trip for, there are always things that can get in the way. Attractions being closed, adverse weather conditions and accidents on the road are just a few examples. So while you can’t predict when these things will occur you can prepare yourself for any eventuality. Check out the weather forecast the day before, so you can plan your family’s clothing and footwear appropriately. Also, pack some extra clothing in the back of your car just in case you all get caught in the rain or for some additional layers if it’s cold. Look for other family-friendly attractions if the one you intended to visit is closed or too busy. Also, look for alternative modes of transport should your car break down and have multiple routes prepared. This will be useful if there are holdups or re-routes. This forethought may over the top, but it’s always better to have a backup plan than not.

Keep them comfortable

When you’re travelling to your destination, it’s likely you’ll spend a long time sitting down in the car or on a train. So make sure you have plenty of items that inject comfort into the vehicle. Pillows, blankets and neck supports are ideal and will stop anyone feeling agitated and uncomfortable. These items are also ideal if anybody wants a nap on the journey home. Also, consider keeping your family comfortable as you walk around. Make sure every member or you family has comfortable shoes and thick socks on to avoid blisters. Also consider taking coats, hats, gloves, universal footmuffs and sunglasses. These items will offer protection from the elements and keep your family warm or cool.

Bring plenty of snacks

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a theme park or a museum; snacks will always be essential. Young children often get grouchy if they feel hungry, and this can result in temper tantrums and tears. So to avoid this, prepare a snack bag that you can carry around with you. This should have plenty of drinks, fruit and items that don’t require refrigeration. Granola bars and fruit bags are ideal. It might be beneficial to have one bag for the car or train ride and one for when you get there. This will cover all bases and make sure don’t run out quickly. This should also ensure everyone stays hydrated, especially in sunny conditions.

These tips are guaranteed to keep your family happy throughout your day trip so give yourself enough time to get everything sorted.


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