How To Make The Bedroom Of Your Children Grow With Them

Posted on Nov 21 2014 - 2:49pm by Jamie

4002327649[1]As children grow, the things they find exciting keep changing. It is manageable, if what they want is as simple as different dresses or books. It is a totally different ballgame, if their room needs to be changed. It can be an expensive proposition. However, if you can implement some of the tricks mentioned below in this article, you can make the child’s bedroom grow along with him/her.

Buy Good Quality Furniture

Nursery themes may work out alright when your children are small, but as they grow the décor needs to be changed to reflect their maturity. Therefore, buy furniture pieces that will suit the bedroom of children of all ages. These include full-size dressers and bureaus that are capable of accommodating both baby as well as adolescent clothing and a double bed that is likely to be a little big as a child, but will provide sufficient room for friends who may come for sleepovers.

Opt For Multi-function Pieces

Furniture that can cater to multiple functions would be helpful when you have to transition your child’s nursery into a bedroom of an adolescent. Instead of buying a changing table, go for a dresser or bureau. You can use a padded mat so as to make it comfortable for your baby at the time of changing diapers. As the child grows, the furniture can be used as a dresser. If it is possible for you to buy beds with storage facility, it will be easy to keep the child’s bedroom organized and tidy.

Give The Child’s Bedroom A Fresh Coat of Paint

If you are on a tight budget, then painting your child’s bedroom will be helpful in bringing about a transformation. You may visit your local paint or hardware store and try out some paint chips at home. Talk to your children, if he/she is old enough, and choose the colors that they like.

Personalize Your Child’s Bedroom With Accessories

Personalizing the bedroom of your children with things that they like helps to reflect their character. The personality pops could be added through accessories such as rugs, pillows and cool posters. This also makes it easy for you to change the appearance of the space later with minimal extra investment. Your children spend a lot of time in their bedrooms. It is, therefore, very important that they feel at home in this space.

Make it a point to get their input as well when changing the décor of their bedroom. This can help them unleash their creativity. Also, keep in mind that this is their space and their creativity with paint or food can make the rugs or the upholstery stained and dirty. In such scenarios, you should keep yourself calm as these can be easily cleaned and brought back to their original condition. You might just have to do some DIY or hire professionals from the likes of Champion Chem-Dry for an expert clean-up.

Apply The Neutral Rule

During the planning stage, determine as to what changes you want to make and consider the costs involved. Always apply the neutral rule when it comes to expensive items. Choose neutral colors or designs so that they last through the changes in trends that take place in the future.

Enjoy What You Do

The needs of your children keep changing. You should, therefore, be prepared for making the required changes and help them grow into well rounded individuals. If you enjoy what you do and follow some of the ideas suggested in this article, you will be able to make sure that the bedroom of your child is growing along with him/her in a cost effective manner.

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