Ingenious Tips on How to Better Organize Your Home

Posted on May 15 2017 - 11:45am by Jamie

No matter how often and how much you clean and clear things, the stuff you own only seems to be multiplying and you can’t turn a corner without bumping into something that shouldn’t be there– does this ring a bell?  Most of us are fighting the same battle, especially those who don’t own large and spacious homes, although these homes can become clutter-victims as well. Luckily, with so many ingenious hacks and amazing storage and organizing solutions, your home can most certainly become the clutter-free oasis you crave, so stick with us as we guide you on you de-cluttering journey.

Make your hallway a tidy zone

A hallway filled with shoes all over the floor can easily become a thing of the past. If you have a coat closet, place a mat under the coats and store shoes that are clean and dry. As for those shoes that are in frequent rotation, one great solution is found in aesthetically pleasing and also practical wooden shoe racks. Aside from looking great and helping with your shoe-clutter issues, these open types of shelves also provide constant air circulation that will ensure all your shoes and boots stay dry and fresh. As for coats, if your hallway doesn’t allow you much space for a coat closet, there are stylish and practical coat racks, and some of them you can even make by yourself, and create a warm and rustic space.

In tidy drawers, tidy mind

When you purchase desks with drawers you make a solemn vow to keep them tidy, and you never keep that promise. Soon, desk and other miscellaneous drawers become mysterious clutter filled boxes of darkness in which everything from documents and clothes to tools and makeup lives in perfect anarchy. In order to keep better track of what goes and belongs where, take the time to organize drawers according to categories, and to make matters even tidier buy cheap separators you can find at places like Ikea so that every item you store stays at a safe distance from the others, with a clever wall of hard fabric and cardboard separating them.

Keep, throw, store away

Over the years you tend to rack up an envious number of possessions – and let’s be frank, you don’t need all of them. Designate  a day to go through all the things you own – tools, old appliances, clothes, toys, everything, and then separate them into three categories – things that stay, things that go and things to be stored away. The first category should be comprised of things you use (or clothes you wear) often. These go back to their place, whether that place is the closet, drawers or shelves. If you’re having trouble storing all the remaining clothing items back in your closet, use this trick and minimize your closet.  The second category is consisted of items you have not worn for a year. These should be donated or thrown away, along with broken appliances that you can’t get fixed through appliance repair san francisco based or similar, and other items you have been keeping but have no use in your life. Finally, items that are not to be thrown away but are not currently used can find a permanent home outside your home – that is where amazing and safe storage units in Sydney come to play and provide your home with a pinch of relief it most definitely needs. You always know where to find these items, should the need for them arise, but for now, they can stay nice and snug away from your eyes.

One room to rule them all

Of course, we are talking about the kitchen. This can be one of the happiest places in your home, the focal point of gathering, love and conversation – if you keep it neat, that is. Let us discuss the sink first. If your kitchen is lacking in the counter space department, you can create additional temporary space by placing a wooden board over the sink. This way you can do all the slicing and dicing without feeling crammed and frustrated.

Items like sponges, gloves, rags, detergents are all necessary, but they do create an enviable amount of clutter. The solution – easy- peasy; buy an inexpensive over-the-door shoe organizer, and cut it to fit — it has enough pockets to cover at least two different doors. Not enough room for all the spices and foods that are not for the fridge? The answer lies in the magnetic spice rack, and in order to make your own, check this amazing tutorial

If you have a tiny kitchen with insufficient number of cabinets for all your dishes, build additional shelves around the sink that can accommodate all your cups and glasses, and leave the cabinets for plates and Tupperware. Of course, much of the cabinet space is often taken over by large pots and pans. There is a great solution for this problem as well. As Good Housekeeping shows us, you can easily hang all these clunky items on the side of your kitchen cabinets or an unused wall. This solution is not only practical, but you have to admit – it also gives the kitchen a very cool and homely look.

As for the ultimate home appliance – the mighty fridge, well, it can get quite disorganized. Grouping food in distinct areas can be difficult to pull off due to the open layout of the appliance. To keep it as organized as possible use transparent cover bins for bags of food, such as opened cheese or packages of coffee. Bottled products should always be kept in the door slot. Other items should be divided on shelves by categories such as dairy products on one shelf, fruits and vegetables on the other and canned goods and meat products on the third.

Taking care of the bathroom

The first thing on your list should be a good and merciless purge. All expired bath products must go. This is step one. In order to avoid knocking down cleaning and bath products lined up in your bathroom closet, try the lazy Suzan and simply rotate to get to the item you need. Finally, of you have the issue of too many towels, too little space, repurpose your old wicker baskets and turn them into product and towel shelves.

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