Luxury Vinyl Flooring Revolutionises Your Home Design

Posted on Jan 10 2022 - 3:28pm by Jamie

People usually picture something along the lines of an uprising upon hearing that something is revolutionary, and it usually fails to live up to the lofty heights that term suggests. When it comes to products for the home, not many ‘revolutionary’ products match how you envision they should.

In the world of luxury vinyl flooring, however, there is good reason to add the term to its development over the years – as they truly have looked at everything that affects flooring and revolutionised the way it avoids them.

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Product over the Years

When it comes to long-standing brands, the lowest price Amtico flooring has been in the home improvement business for many decades providing quality vinyl tiles and planks. In that time they have outlasted and pushed ahead of many domestic and commercial flooring options such as linoleum and advanced on their pro’s and con’s to develop the very best products in comfort, style and lifespan.

As a natural-looking and feeling replacement for real hardwood flooring, luxury wood effect vinyl flooring holds its place in natural designs inspired by wood without the disadvantages that wooden floors have. For example, there won’t be any middle of the night splinters or rotting wood with the vinyl option, and Amtico tiles and planks offer natural colours over multiple tones and shades that perfectly replicate the knot and grain – whilst avoiding the discoloration real wood has throughout the years.


Amtico has spent extensive years in the manufacturing process to become the most hygienic choice in the marketplace for a product that is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

With its protective PU coating, it prevents germs, bacteria, and dirt from getting through cracks to your floor with the non-porous properties to make your floor fully durable. Spills can be wiped up quickly and not leave any trace of the incident, in turn not leaving you on your hands and knees endlessly scrubbing at the floor.

Scratch Secure

Amtico embodies an enhanced surface treatment that protects against scratches, leaks, wear, and tear and requires no sanding out or treatments to repair. The designs are specifically modelled to handle heavy objects such as furniture or machines – and even those high heels that can potentially indent a floor. In instances where more extreme damage does happen, vinyl tiles and planks are so easy to individually remove and replace that it doesn’t disrupt large sections of your floor.

With all those elements in play, the only problem that does come along is exactly which design, colour and palette are for you. Truly a remarkable assurance for a remarkable product, Amtico truly is a revolution in luxury wood effect vinyl flooring.