New Dads And Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted on Dec 5 2014 - 2:32pm by Jamie

valentines-day-gifts-for-new-dads[1]If you are a new mom, it is not abnormal to find yourself feeling less romantic when the Valentine’s Day arrives. The responsibility and pressures associated with taking care of the new baby will dampen your enthusiasm and romance often takes the backseat. However, if you strive to make sure that the new dad gets a Valentine’s Day gift from your side, it will help him realize how much you love him. This can even be helpful in putting some spark back into your life. It is, therefore, a good idea to choose gifts that are helpful in relaxing and unwinding him or spend time together so that some of the stresses just melt away. Have a look at websites like eBay where you can find a variety of items for an affordable price, especially if you use coupons from companies like Raise. Here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you that you can get from eBay and other similar stores.

#1: You can give a stress-free day as his Valentine’s Day gift. You can volunteer to babysit your newborn child and allow him to enjoy a drink or golf with some of his friends. Additionally, there are lots of websites that offer personalised gifts ideas UK (and everywhere else too), so you can also gift him something like a custom mug that he can enjoy a hot beverage in during his time off! It is a good idea to let him know by way of a card as to when you would be giving him the babysitting services so that he is clear as regards the date and time when he can go out and spend some time with his friends. This gift of less stress does not only enable him to unwind and relax, but also to realize your love for him.

#2: A new dad has to take up the responsibility of discharging certain duties that a new mom would not want to do. These include changing diapers and giving baths, among many others. You can make a voucher book with free cards and give it to him. If he wants to avoid changing diapers, he can pass on the responsibility to you. Find out a few jobs that he would like to really avoid doing and make vouchers. This helps him to relax when you perform the job. This is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea if you are really strapped for cash, as many new moms are.

#3: You may not be planning to go out because of the new member in your home. However, it does not prevent you from celebrating a romantic Valentine’s Day at home, whether that be one augmented with cologne and the excitement of human pheromones or a more simple affair. You can work out an in-house date after putting the baby to sleep. You may start with the fancy candlelight dinner designed by you. Then go on to watch a movie that he likes. You can keep popcorn, soda and candy ready to create a theater-like ambience without the need to leave your sleeping baby alone. He will definitely appreciate the trouble you have taken to organize an in-house date. All said and done, you save the money you have to pay to the babysitter.

#4: If you have a new baby in the house, your souse is likely to feel tired and would definitely appreciate a little bit of relaxation time. You can buy a massage gift card from one of the chain spas and present it to him. Ideally, a spa that offers packages for males would be the best option as he will feel more comfortable. An hour of relaxation as well as rejuvenation will encourage him to take up more responsibilities. If you’re looking for something to pamper him that’s a little more permanent, you might consider buying him some grooming products. Check out for buyers guides on tons of gifts he’ll really appreciate.

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