Parenting Classes – Why Should You Attend?

Posted on Dec 12 0201 - 2:24pm by Jamie

Angela Edwards with her 5 year old daughter Mia, near their home in Manchester.Parenting classes are helpful in making you a well-rounded parent as they give you better insight into your child. These classes are available for all types of parents from those that are brand new to the seasoned parents with children in their teens. In the parenting classes, you learn as to what you can expect, discipline styles and get the confidence and control that you need as a parent.

Gaining Confidence

Parenting classes help you to understand you role better. This is because there will be discussions about infants and their safety as well as needs, teen parenting focused on inculcating discipline and trust, etc., in the parenting class. Irrespective of your child’s age, you gain the confidence to lead him/her in the right path employing the strategies that you learn in these classes. You will also stay close to your child as you raise him/her to be a functioning member of the society.

Some new parents are likely to be a little nervous about the impending arrival of the baby. This is because you may not be equipped to handle the challenges and experiences that a new baby poses. Parenting classes are helpful in transitioning parents into all stages of parenthood.

Gaining Knowledge

Some terms such as ‘Ferberizing’, ‘attachment parenting’, ‘positive discipline’, etc., could be a little confusing and new to you, if you are like most other parents. You might scratch your head and wonder what they are when others talk about these things. In the parenting classes, you get the opportunity to not only understand as to what these terms mean, but also to clarify all your doubts directly with experienced teachers. Additionally, you will also have access to pamphlets and books to enhance your knowledge and choose the parenting method that is best suited to your child. However, you must remember that what works for other families may not work for you and what works for one stage of life of your child may not work for the next stage of the child’s life.

Making New Friends

When you become a parent, you may feel isolated and lonely. You may not have the time to spend with your old friends. Parenting classes give you a chance to meet others like you. You can interact with them, socialize with them and even find solutions for some of the problems that you face. There is no doubt about the fact that this will be a vital source of support and encouragement.

Fulfilling Court Orders

Sometimes, Judges order couples or individuals to attend parenting classes in the best interest of their children. If you have been served with such an order, then you need to attend classes in order to fulfill the court order. Parenting classes are also requested when the custody issue as part of an ongoing divorce arises. They may also be asked for when a child is removed from the home because of unsafe environment or abuse.

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