Quick & Easy Birthday Gift Ideas

Posted on Oct 4 2018 - 6:36pm by Jamie

Dates are difficult enough to remember as it is. Sometimes this means that you will forget the occasional birthday or remember just in time. But when it is your girlfriend’s birthday, there is extra pressure to find the right gift. In this case, time is not your friend. When you are in need of a quick and easy birthday gift, look no further than this list. Here is a compilation of birthday gifts that are no fuss to find but thoughtful at the same time. Your girlfriend will never know it was bought in a rush.

  1. Loose Leaf Organic Tea

If you girlfriend prefers a cup of tea over morning coffee, give her the best quality tea for her birthday. Loose leaf tea is more luxurious than regular tea bags. If there is a tea shop in your town you could even ask them to put together a custom blend of tea. What is more luxurious than your own blend of organic tea? Place the tea in a pretty tin along with a packet of fillable tea bags to complete the birthday gift.

  1. Birthday Gift Basket

Have your girlfriend feel spoiled with a whole basket filled with birthday gifts for her. When you are having difficulty deciding, a birthday gift basket will give you all the best options. Your girlfriend will think that you simply couldn’t settle on just one gift so decided to get them all. Pre-prepared birthday gift basket usually come with a theme which makes your birthday gift seem even more thoughtful.

  1. Creative Notebook

A notebook is the kind of practical gift that is easy to personalise. Browse for notebooks with an eye-catching cover. The cover can be artsy, funny or even plain so that your creative girlfriend can decorate the cover herself. Also think about the purpose of the notebook . Will it be a doodle book for her? Then choose a notebook with blank pages. Will she use it for taking notes at work? Go for the notebook with lines and spaces to make lists.

  1. Dream Catcher

Have you found the woman of your dreams? Show her by picking out a decorative dream catcher. You can choose a clean design made of wool in soft colours or a vibrant dream catcher with a mix of brightly coloured feathers. You can also choose between a smaller dream catcher if her room is already full of decorations or liven up her simple room with a large dream catcher.

  1. Fashion Gift Card

Every girl loves to shop. Give her the gift of her favourite pass time with a gift card for her favourite clothes brand. You can make the day extra special by offering to join her on her shopping spree. Shopping becomes an even more fun experience when she has her own personal shopping assistant. In other words, you will be the one carrying the bags. Most shops will offer different designs for their gift card so choose the one in her style.