Why You Shouldn’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

Posted on Feb 21 2017 - 8:16pm by Jamie

The world we live in is a cold and unforgiving place. Ideals of beauty, health and moral code are based on some imaginary principles put on a high pedestal, so there is really no wonder why so many people feel left out. Being constantly under this sort of pressure can cause a wide array of mental problems such as anxiety, anorexia and depression. Neither of these are easy to live with. However, the key point people often tend to miss is that they shouldn’t go through this on their own. There is no shame in looking for help and here are a few reasons why.

Humans are Social Creatures

The largest world’s wonders, magnificent cities and some of the greatest art forms have come to life through cooperation and organization. In other words, all the most beautiful trends of modern civilization are the result of millennia of people working together. Because of this, it seems quite absurd (even hypocritical) that the same society that was built in this manner, would claim that you are worth less if you need help. You should never fear the idea of reaching out to your fellow man.

How It All Began

Try to remember your earliest years. You didn’t learn how to walk, talk and write on your own, someone helped you get there. Ask yourself this question – at what point in one’s life does it become unacceptable to ask others to help you? Does it depend on your age, or is something else at play here? Once you spend enough time thinking about this topic, you will come to realize that there is really no reason to carry on with this isolationist policy since it is in your nature to ask help when you need it.

Why Are People So Afraid?

There can be several reasons which explain this irrational fear of opening up to others. For starters, it may be based on our wish to maintain the image of strength we created in public. Admitting you have a problem may be interpreted as a weakness by someone, even though it requires an immense inner strength. Furthermore, some people are afraid of being rejected or judged by others in case they come out clean with what’s bothering them.

Finally, some people have so low self-confidence that they honestly believe they are not worthy of other people’s help. Even though this may sound absurd, it is what some people honestly believe and as such, it poses a real obstacle on their path towards feeling better.

Talking to a Professional

Even though friends and family can sometimes give you words of comfort and even offer you a new perspective on life, when you have a problem, you may want to speak to a professional. Whether you have a specific illness and want to talk to an eating disorder coach counselor or a hypnotherapist, talking to a professional can help. We are talking about someone trained and certified to deal with these kinds of problems. However, this creates a completely new problem you have to deal with – finding the right therapist. The first thing you should look for is their location. You want someone nearby, someone you can go visit unexpectedly if the need arises. This is why, if you are from NSW, you should probably look for a Sydney based therapist, like those from Heath Group.


There is no shame in admitting some problems are just too big for you to solve them on your own. In this situation, you should definitely ask for help from people closest to you or even look for professional aid. Most of your fears surrounding this step in particular are completely unfounded and triumphing over them will help you get better. Managing to open up to others and work together to resolve your issues will bring you closer to them and help you grow as a person.

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