Spring Cleaning for Your Yard

Posted on Feb 4 2016 - 7:10pm by Jamie

In some parts of the northern hemisphere, the outdoor world is still buried under feet of snow. It may seem a bit early to start planning the spring cleanup of your yard, but developing a plan now is a great way to pass the time and to beat the winter blues.

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Out With the Old

Make note of the places in your yard or around your property that will require ground clean up. Winter snow and wind storms are prone to break branches from trees and leave your yard littered with debris. Deciduous trees scatter leaves that will turn up here and there around the yard no matter how diligently you have raked during autumn.

Make a plan for these areas by deciding first what to do with the debris. Larger branches can be cut and staked for outdoor pit fires. Twigs and leaves can be raked or rounded up with a leaf blower. If you are looking for a leaf blower, you might be interested in reading a bit about different models, the points to consider before purchasing one and also some reviews on some products from websites like The Best Leaf Blowers, (https://thebestleafblowers.com/toro-51619-ultra-blower-vac/). This might help you to choose the best product for cleaning your yard.

Similarly, in some places a burn pile will work for this debris as well, while others will require bagging and disposal through the city waste department. If the latter is the case in your area, try to find out when the collection dates will be so you can plan your yard work accordingly and have your bags ready for pick up.

In With the New

Some of the trees or shrubs around your property may require a bit of pruning to maintain their health and aesthetics. Decide what techniques are necessary for each different type of greenery you have. Consulting a professional arborist is always a good idea so you don’t make a mistake and end up harming your landscape. Try to combine this process with your raking to minimize your ground clearing efforts.

Make a Plan

Perhaps you’d like to install a new pathway, improve the edging around existing flower beds, or add new groups of plants to your landscaping. Now that the area is cleared, you can start to map out your big plans.

If you want to plant bulbs, now might be a great time for that. For other perennials or annuals you’ll need to wait until temperatures are well above freezing.

While the ground is soft, you can easily edge your pathways and lay down black landscape matting to prevent weeds popping up in between. If you plan to install new fencing, it is best to wait until some of the moisture is out of the ground and the soil has firmed up a bit.

Ready for Repair

If the winter weather has taken its toll on your outdoor appliances or fixtures, you can prepare to fix them yourself or arrange to hire a professional. A common winter issue is the freezing and bursting of your outdoor water faucet. You may be able to fix this yourself by ordering replacement parts and watching online instructional videos.

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