Summerize Your Car

Posted on Aug 15 2017 - 5:11pm by Jamie

Driving during the winter can be dangerous, since rough weather conditions can really give you headaches and your car can be struggling very hard not to let you down. Therefore, everyone is thoroughly preparing their vehicles for icy roads, maximizing safety on the way, but somehow it seems that most of people do not give that much attention to it when the summer comes, which is absolutely absurd. This is the season of travelling and you surely do not want to go on a long trip without air conditioning, to get stuck in the middle of nowhere due to a malfunction that could have been fixed easily or even worse – experience a total breakdown of your car, because of your thoughtlessness. In this article you can learn how to welcome the summertime completely prepared for it.


Before you hit the road, you ought to visit a car mechanic that would inspect and check your car for possible malfunctions. As you narrow down your choices to one mechanic, you can make sure they have integrated auto repair software (click this over here now) into their operations, return the vehicle on time, charge the right amount, and more. If they give a green signal, you are free to move on. However, if it is not, replace any broken parts as soon as possible. It is highly likely that some inexpensive, yet crucial thing, such as a spark plug, transmission fluid, motor oil or some cracked hose should be replaced, but do not expect any huge expenses. This way, you will also save lots of money, because this stuff, when not working properly, can greatly decrease your fuel efficiency and this visit will pay off eventually. Also, brakes are to be inspected regularly by a competent person. There are many parts, such as discs, shoes or drums, that get worn out after certain mileage, but the repair ought not to be costly anyway. Beside the brakes, the tyres are essential for safety, so you should get a high-quality wheel and tyre packages and check the pressure in them on a monthly basis, since well inflated tyres improve fuel economy and handling.


There are numerous things you can do on your own to improve your summer ride. Start with checking the oil level and change it if it is old. After some time, when its viscosity becomes bad, its effects will become rather negative. Do not forget that it is one of the most important things on your car; it is basically its “lifeblood”. Other than that, cooling and air condition systems can be checked easily, as well. The problems with these usually appear due to poor airflow around the radiator, so make sure that you clean any dirt or leaves around it. Another thing that can lead to its malfunction is the lack of Freon or a poor radiator cap, so replacing it if it is deformed or once in a few years is a great idea.

Lighting is crucial, no matter whether we are talking about winter or summer driving conditions, so your headlights must always be good. But, do not despair – even if they are not working right, you can often fix them yourself.

Replacing worn wipers, adding washer fluid, cleaning your car’s windows, along with good lighting will improve the extremely significant visibility.

Vehicle maintenance is a seriously important thing and you should not forget it, because you want your car to be safe and work properly all over the year, so these things are to be done at the start of any season, not only summer.


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