Things to consider when buying your family car

Posted on Oct 2 2017 - 9:28am by Jamie

One of the hardest things about being a parent for many men is having to give up their ride which they have come to love so much. Maybe you are one of the fortunate ones who doesn’t feel a strong attachment to your vehicle, if that’s the case then moving from whatever you have to the ‘soccer mom’ tank you will soon be trekking around town in will be an easy transition. For others, that is the last step in cementing the difference between the ‘life you once had’ with the ‘life you have now’. Opening the garage to find that shining, light gray, dented fender, sliding door mini-van that smells faintly of cheese-its and baby formula, stuffed to the gills with sports equipment, crumpled homework and lost socks. There’s nothing that screams ‘Fatherhood!” as much as pulling up in front of the mall and having a half dozen screaming tweens pouring out your vehicle as you slowly pull away in a daze, the quiet respite from that chaos like a blanket for your mind.

It isn’t easy to make the transition from ‘my car’ to ‘family car’ and even if you are excited about this new badge showing your foray into a foreign world, the options are expansive when you are thinking about more than just style and color. Safety awards have never meant so much to you as they do now and along with that, will there be enough room, what is the gas mileage, I don’t need fancy rims but I do need a rear camera.. the questions will just keep coming! Fortunately for you, the internet can help break it all down for you so that you aren’t wasting your time going through endless pages of cars that aren’t the right fit, and instead can get right down to business. And thanks to the advances in the automotive industry, you can find a stylish and comfortable family vehicle that you can plug into the wall at home, saving you on trips to the gas station and keeping your wallet in your pocket a little while longer (which will lose its familiarity soon enough!)

Many of the safety features of newer vehicles go well beyond what we experienced as kids, with airbags located all over the interior, cameras that can show you a 360 view of the outside of your car, automatic braking sensors, a force-field around the driver’s seat which blocks the sound of screaming children from distracting you (alright, alright, that last one is still in it’s testing stages.. one can dream though, right?) With all these new upgrades and with the stylish aesthetic of many electric vehicles, moving into this new you doesn’t have to be a painful experience of letting your old self go. You can still be that guy with a sweet ride, its just now filled with rambunctious tweens who have your eye color and who occasionally let slip the cuss word they heard you exclaim that afternoon you fell out of the tree house you built them.

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