Things That Can Ruin Your Family Car Journey

Posted on Mar 6 2016 - 4:20am by Jamie

So we’ve looked at making sure your family days out stay smooth and fun. But there we focussed on the actual destination or activities. Here we will be focussing on the things that may put you in a bad mood by the time you get there, or even prevent you getting there altogether!


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I can hear some of you saying that it’s impossible to ruin a car journey; it’s already ruined by being a long car journey! And to that I say that a long car journey with the family can be fantastic. Make sure to follow these tips so everything runs as smooth as possible.


Boredom is, in itself, very tiring. To sit there for several hours with nothing to do but look at the road makes you feel frustrated. By the time you get to your destination, you’ll be physically and mentally fatigued. That’s no good if you’ve gone there to get active and have loads of fun!

For the kids, you should consider things like a portable DVD player or a tablet. This will give them something to watch for all that time you’re in the car. Of course, I don’t want to advocate kids watching of films or television for hours on end! As long as they don’t feel car sick doing it, you could make sure they punctuate video watching with some book reading.


The whole family being stuck in one car for hours? Sure, it can sound like a stress. But it’s also an opportunity to talk to each other at length. It may not be the time to talk to intimately about certain things – after all, everyone can hear! – but you can get more detail about what they’re doing at school.

When you’re at home, everyone can often seem too busy to talk for long periods of time. But when you’re all in the car, it’s similar to everyone being in the same room. Get rid of the distractions and you’re kind of forced to talk to each other!

Car condition and add-ons

The last thing you need is something going wrong with the car. Make sure the car is completely checked out before going on your journey! Make sure the tyres are pumped, that the windshield wipers are operating, and that coolant and oil levels are good.


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You could even consider fitting your car with improved parts just to ensure the drive is as smooth as possible. Really durable tyres, for example. You definitely don’t want a flat tyre on the motorway! Yokohama tyres are an example of high-standard tyres that can handle long journeys. You could also add in some iPod functionality to your stereo. With an iPod, there’s room for the songs that everyone likes. Take it in turns to pick songs!


I’ve taken car journeys from London all the way to Glasgow several times in the past. I can’t tell you how appreciated the opportunity to get out and stretch your legs can be. You don’t want aching muscles when you reach your destination!


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Make sure you know where the rest stops are on your travels. Checking Google Maps on your mobile as you go will alert you to upcoming opportunities to get out of the car. Spend a few minutes walking around and stretching.

All of these things will help you and your family feel fresh and ready to go by the time you get to your destination!

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