Tips for Doing-up the Kids’ Rooms

Posted on Sep 6 2016 - 6:41pm by Jamie

Children grow up really, really quickly and very soon after the paint from doing up their bedrooms to welcome a new baby has dried, they themselves become a little conscious about their surroundings and they perhaps even want to help with the new decorations in addition to wanting them done. Either way, whether you’re going to have a professional roped-in to re-do the kids’ bedrooms of if they’re going to pretend to help you do up the new decorations, it can be somewhat of a daunting task which you’ll probably put off for as long as you can get away with it.


Here are a couple of tips to help you along in the process and make it a breeze:

Involve the Kids

If you’re lucky, whomever child the room belongs to will help you do some of the heavy-lifting in terms of the actual work involved with re-decorating, whether it’s applying a fresh coat of paint or putting up the new artwork, but otherwise you definitely have to involve them in the process. The most important part of the process you should involve them in is that which concerns the designing of the room’s new look. Don’t give in totally to their demands, however, unless their choice is a ready-made solution which can essentially be “unboxed” and “installed”. And maybe, as an added bonus, you could reward them with quilt blankets of their choice! It always helps a child be ready for responsibilities if they know they have a reward waiting for them.

Nonetheless, it’s definitely much easier to do-up a child’s room these days, with the likes of visualisation apps at your disposal for next to nothing as well as ready-made themes and designs which come complete with a set of step-by-step instructions. Kids’ room decoration solutions which come straight out the box are convenient, but since the themes are ready-made ones, this means that they are mass-produced, which in-turn means the room won’t sport a unique look. You can still use these boxed solutions, but add a little bit of your own twist on things, like perhaps changing the wall paint colour suggested or perhaps mixing things up with the addition of just one piece from something like a Bistro Set — one which would otherwise never associate with a kids’ room.

Use one-piece furniture

No child’s bedroom should ever look like it should rather be an adult’s and avoiding its appearance spilling over into adult-bedroom territory entails deploying the simple trick of using one-piece furniture, if any additional furniture is required that is. It takes thinking a little bit outside the box because chances are you won’t find kid-room-specific furniture pieces by walking into a conventional furniture store in any case. So for something like the storage of their laundry or maybe even their toys, something like a bathroom storage unit will do. You’ll just have to ensure to choose the appropriate colour of course.

Finally, from more of a safety point of view, no fancy glass pieces or anything which can pose a potential danger to the kids. Safety is perhaps the highest item on any parent’s list of concerns in any case, but it can be very easy to overlook what can be some inconspicuous safety traps.

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