Tips To Ensure Your Kids Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Posted on Feb 27 2016 - 3:04am by Jamie

It’s probably the most important time of day, but not everybody has a sufficient one. Getting a good sleep is vital, but so many struggle with it — especially kids. There are so many distractions that make getting shut-eye harder than it should, so you have to identify these and block them out.

As a father, your kids will look to you for advice and support. If you notice they’re tired, or aren’t getting out of bed for school, there are a number of things you can try to send them off to those happy dreams at night! And no, counting sheep does not work.


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No TV in the bedroom! At all!

This is the biggest no-no on this list, because it can keep them up all night. Giving them late night access to a TV also opens the door to so many adults only programs, and these can be full to the brim with drugs, violence and swearing. On top of this, violence in the media has been shown to negatively affect sleep.

A connection between poor sleep and TV watching has been established for years, to sever that connection fast!

Make their bed a place they actually want to go and sleep in

There are many ways to do this, and it all starts with making it comfortable. Memory foam mattresses can help you here, and they’re often cheap. Another option is novelty bed frames. Cuckooland’s toddler bed collection features planes, boats and cars and is an exciting way to engage youngsters.

Keep unnecessary distractions away from the bedroom

Devices such as smartphones, tablets and games consoles emit a kind of light that is harsh on the eyes.

At night time, this is a surefire way to make sure your kids do not sleep. Remove all such devices from their vicinity to quash that temptation they may have.

Similarly, pets can be as equally a bad distraction. Your children may want to play with the dog, stroke the cat or chase the hamster around in his ball. While pet-bonding is encouraged, save it for the morning. The last thing kids need right before bed is some energetic exercise.

Encourage physical activity and sports after school


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This is an easy way to tire them out and make sure they’re ready for some shut eye. It’s also got the added benefit of keeping them from staring at a screen, instead engaging in some much healthier physical activity.

Remove phone chargers from the bedroom

With texts, emails and other notifications coming in at all hours of the night, children may often charge their phones while they sleep. Remove this ability by placing all chargers in the kitchen, or other family area. That way, they’ll be forced to charge their device out of reach of their sleeping area.

Do you have any top sleep saving tips? Are your kids struggling to get a solid eight hours? Whatever the problem, there is nearly always an easy solution. Let us know your story in the comments section below!

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