What Is A Sim Only Deal And Why It’s Best For Your Kid?

Posted on May 13 2019 - 12:03pm by Jamie

In SIM-only deals, the users get a SIM with free minutes, text messages and mobile data. Usually, companies sell handsets and they force the users to use their SIMs. With this option, the users are not left with more options to choose a SIM of their choice. The users will get only the SIM with a monthly package of data and minutes with text messages. They will pay for the package only. Such SIMs can be used with any handset or device. They don’t also need to buy any handset. The deals below are not the only ones that are available, people can look online at providers like GigSky to see how they can factor into this with specific SIM cards for handsets like Apple.

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Why Are SIM Only Deals Better for Kids?

Kids just need mobile data, free minutes and text messages. They have to use the data sometimes for browsing and social sites. This is what the SIM only deals offer to such users. These deals have a limited data plan for every month. When it comes to keeping your kids safe online, you may also wish to install something like the express vpn onto their mobile device so that you can be confident that any personal information that they enter online will be as safe as possible from those who are looking to steal data and other personal information on the internet. Of course, it’s also super-important that you teach your kids exactly what they should and shouldn’t be using the internet for, but it doesn’t hurt to have this extra security in place to give you a little peace of mind.

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Apart from this, these deals are very affordable. You will pay a fixed monthly amount to get the plan. There are no contracts which you need to sign. You can cancel the plan anytime and buy any other SIM only deal. It helps you spend less on the data as well as minutes for making calls.

Top SIM Only Deals

  1. Plusnet 2GB Deal

This is an ideal and very affordable SIM only deal for the users. In this offer, they will get 2GB of internet data and unlimited minutes and text messages. Users will pay 8.50 for this offer. It is a very economic deal for the users who need to have mobile data for emergency needs.

  1. BT Mobile 40GB Deal

In this SIM only deal by BT Mobile, the users are provided with 40GB of mobile data along with unlimited minutes and messages. The users will pay an amount of 30 every month. You can also get the deal for 12 months. In terms of data amount, it is a very good offer.

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  1. EE Mobile 50 Deal

EE Mobile brings the Essential Plan for its users which provides 50GB of internet data with unlimited messages and free minutes. The charges for this package are just 27 a month. When compared with other deals, it is a better option as it offers more data and has low cost.

  1. Asda Mobile 2GB Deal

Here comes another small SIM only deal for the users. In this offer, the users will get 2GB of cellular data with 300 minutes and unlimited messages. They will have to pay 7 every month. You can get the deal for a year or just one month.

  1. Vodafone 3GB Deal

Vodafone has been introducing some amazing data offers for the users. This time it brings SIM only deal which provides the users with 3GB of mobile data. Unlimited minutes for any network and text messages are also included for just 8 per month. The offer seems to be a decent option as it is economic as well as provides more data when compared with other offers.