Why Dads Should Keep Fit

Posted on Feb 1 2016 - 8:40pm by Jamie

 Fatherhood is a milestone in most men’s lives, and it conjures up images of settling down, changing nappies, and going on family vacations. However, dads tend to let themselves go once they have rug rats underfoot. There is even a term for it Dad Bod. Here are some reasons why men should hit the gyms more after becoming dads.

Physically healthier kids

Physically fit and healthy dads produce healthier kids. Even before conception, it is important that the father is physically fit to avoid passing on a predispositions for obesity or diabetes. Diet and body fat percentage is encoded in the sperm, which in turn can affect the physical health of the child. Children also emulate healthy habits of parents as they grow up, so they also tend to be fit and healthy, which is always a good thing.

Socially adjusted kids

Children of fit fathers tend to be more confident and socially adjusted than children with Dad Bod fathers. This may be due to the tendency of fit dads to engage more with their children in active play and roughhousing, which enables them to form a bond at an early age. Fit dads also tend to be more relaxed and even-tempered with their kids. This helps the children develop self-worth and positive self-image, which makes it easy for them to engage socially with other people.

Physically able dads

Children are full of energy, and dads need to be able to keep up. A fit dad is mobile and up to the challenge of running after small children, climbing after adventurous ones, and joining in on physically demanding activities. This helps them maintain a healthy relationship with their children over the years. A healthy lifestyle will also keep dads around long enough to see their grandchildren!

Dads play a big role in children’s lives, and it is their responsibility to be around when they are needed. Fit dads can do that a lot better than a dad who can’t climb a flight of stairs without feeling winded or who is cranky all the time.

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